Australian wage growth data for the first quarter (January to March) of 2018

0.5 % q/q

  • expected +0.6% q/q, prior +0.6%

2.1 % y/y

  • expected +2.1% y/y, prior +2.1%

Again with the slow growth .... still, on the bright side at least its growth!

Me painting a brighter picture .... but the slowness is the issue. Add it to high levels of debt and house prices seemingly a little weaker and there you have a weight on consumer spending and thus economic growth.

The RBA is not overly concerned. What could possibly go wrong? ;-)


  • private sector +0.5% q/q and +1.9% y/y
  • public +0.5%, +2.3%

AUD off a few tickles or so


For background on the data, previews [osted earlier: