Australia Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure, for the March quarter of 2017

I'll post these 2 first, then more detail ...

1. Headline: +0.3%% - a miss

  • expected +0.5%
  • previous was -1.0%, revised higher from -2.1%

2. The 2nd estimate for 2017/18 investment expectations $ 85.4bn - a solid result

  • Compared to the first estimate of 2017/18 capex plans of 80.6bn
  • there is no median consensus estimate for this

Q1 building capex at +0.7% q/q

Q1 plant an machinery -0.1% q/q

2016/17 6th estimate 112.6bn

I am scoring this 'could have been much worse' ... which for Australian capex is a pretty decent result.

Along with the beat in retail sales (for April, on a separate post) the market is scoring it a positive for the Australian dollar