Australian July Employment data release from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Employment Change for July: +38.5K - BIG BEAT ON EXPECTATIONS

  • expected +10.0K, prior +7k, revised from +7.3K

Unemployment Rate: 6.3%

  • expected 6.1%, prior 6.1%, revised from 6.0%

Full Time Employment Change: 12.4K

  • prior was 24.5K, revised from 24.5K

Part Time Employment Change: 26.1K

  • prior was -17.9K, revised from -17.2K

Participation Rate: 65.1% ... highest in around 5 years .... nope, highest in about 2 years

  • expected 64.8%, prior was 64.8%

Here's a graph of the climbing participation rate:


Big jump in employment for the month

Big jump in the unemployment rate also ... but note the big jump in the participation rate ... looks like people being enticed back into the labour market by improving employment prospects.

AUD spiked higher but has since come back to pretty much where it was pre release (as I update ....) OK, lower now

more to come