UK Brexit minister Davis out on the wires. Again. 1 Feb

Says Davis:

" During implementation period we will be aiming to set up arrangements so any new European laws do not harm UK"

The EU have said this week that during the 21-month transition period UK will abide by EU laws but have no vote.

More from Davis:

  • primary area to be negotiated is the question of our right to sign trade deals during implementation period
  • talking to each EU nation to ensure position narrow on financial services rules during implementation

Seems to me they've got a lot to talk about still but hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

GBPUSD currently back to 1.4247 after capping near the first tranche of decent offers at 1.4280 that I mentioned in the order board post. Still expect dip demand though as a fresh month brings fresh flows. EURGBP 0.8734 after finding support/demand around 0.8720

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Davis living in a world of hope