Another new low for Betty at 1.5647 so that’s the barrier flushed but not the stops it seems.

USD/JPY is knocking on its “50” at 116.50 and a barrier up there too, with large stops behind. EUR/JPY has managed to poke its nose above 145 but can’t get all of itself over the line and we’re moving back a few pips.

A day of round numbers it seems.

The US comes online shortly and the main focus is whether the positivity in the US economic data is going to translate to people actually having a buck in their pocket and their willingness to spend it. Retail sales are up at 13.30 gmt and we’re looking for a market boosting (sarcasm) 0.2% rise from a 0.3% loss in September.

The number ex-autos is expected in at 0.2% from -0.2% prior, with the retail control group expected at 0.4% vs -0.2% prior.