Month-end demand for EURGBP sees GBPUSD back below 1.4000

Seems like I've cast my magic wand over cable again. Sorry to all you longs but you know I start early here. lol

EURGBP has been up above 0.7920 from 0.7898 with month-end demand in the frame again as traders pre-empt the BUBA's usual purchases for UK's EU membership. Make the most of it while you can. In two years time, after a Brexit vote this June and then the required legislation, we would see the last of this meal ticket!

GBPUSD has been down to look at 1.3960 from 1.4005. Currently back to 1.3977 and 0.7912 as traders waste little time to take some profit.

Update 06.37 GMT. Also check out my option expiries post for today. Large interest at 1.4000