Highlights of the Canadian employment report from StatsCan:

  • Prior was -11K (unrevised)
  • Estimates ranged from +10K to +35K
  • Unemployment rate 6.8% vs 7.0% expected
  • Prior unemployment rate was 7.0%
  • Participation rate steady at 66.0% (lowest since 2001)
  • Full time jobs 69.3K
  • Part time jobs 4.8K
  • Permanent avg hourly wages +2.1% y/y.

Very impressive report but USD/CAD has only fallen 30 pips to 11.70 on the kneejerk. That’s a big concerning and demonstrates the broader trend in the market — that it’s tough to keep the US dollar down.

Canadian dollar bulls might be better advised to trade in the crosses.

Canadian jobs report chart Oct 10 2014