Forex futures market speculative positions data from the CFTC commitment of traders report as of the close on 4 August 2015:

  • EUR short 113K vs 104k short prior week.
  • GBP short 7K vs. 10K short prior week
  • JPY short 80K vs. 63K short prior week.
  • CAD short 64K vs. 56K short prior week.
  • CHF short 1.5K vs 0K long prior week.
  • AUD short 50K vs. 51K short prior week
  • NZD short 12K vs. 11K short prior week
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Overall US dollar net longs rose to the highest since early June.

I suspect the week continued with US dollar longs piling in and after a non-farm payrolls report that was just 'okay' we saw a wave of profit taking and position squaring.

One that sticks out is the increasing shift into Canadian dollar shorts. We're nearing the most extreme levels since early 2014.