Forex futures net speculative positions as of the close of business on Tuesday June 20, 2017

  • EUR long 59K vs 45K long last week
  • GBP short 39K vs 38K short last week
  • JPY short 61K vs 50K short last week
  • CHF short 5K vs 3K short last week
  • CAD short 49K vs 82K short
  • AUD long 20k vs long 15k last week
  • NZD long 25K vs 21K long last week

The squeeze on Canadian dollar shorts is one of the best examples in recent memory on the value of monitoring this report. The net short jumped to a record earlier this month even though USD/CAD had hardly moved. That left the trade in a vulnerable position and with USD/CAD now below 1.30, we can see the damage.