Forex positioning data in the futures market for the close of trading on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

  • EUR 82K short versus 77K short last week
  • GBP 92K short versus 95K short last week
  • JPY 64K long versus 60K long last week
  • CHF 8K long versus 1.8K long last week
  • CAD 22K long versus 17K long last week
  • AUD 43K long versus 43K long last week
  • NZD 1.8K long vs 0.9K short last week

There isn't much to take away here but that's not a surprise given that this reporting period coincides with the end of the Summer doldrums.

Separately, the large net long in WTI crude oil fell for the first time in a month to 220K from 240K.