Some site news.

Our servers are constantly bombarded with spam comments and lately it’s put a tremendous load on our server and prevented us from getting the news out as quickly as we would like. It also made it near-impossible for us to reply.

We’ve had to make a temporary change to our commenting system that uses the plugin Disqus. Our old system has been disabled but the comments are saved and still viewable.

In the days ahead we’re going to integrate a new system that will allow users to port or claim their comments. Some of the site features like the recent comments and comments page may be affected in the interim but with high traffic on the site lately, we were forced to make the change immediately or risk the site going down.

Update: So far so good. The ‘recent comments’ function isn’t working and the ‘comments’ tab at the top doesn’t really work anymore but we’ll get there.

If you’re noticing issues or want to alert us of a change, email us at info (at)

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