Reuters reports, citing people briefed on the matter

The report says that top US and Chinese trade officials will discuss plans today for China to buy more US farm goods, but in return, Beijing will request for cancellation of some planned and existing US tariffs on Chinese imports.

For some context, Lighthizer and Mnuchin will be speaking with Liu He by telephone today to try and further solidify the recent trade truce.

As things stand, Trump has only agreed to cancel the October tariffs but the source cited in the report says that China is also likely to seek removal of the September tariffs.

The above fits with the recent reports in the past two weeks and now it is a matter of where do negotiators draw the line and if that steps into anyone else's boundaries.

The US wants China to step up on agricultural purchases without giving too much leverage away (tariffs) while China says that they can't do so until more tariffs are removed.

So, who's going to be the one to give a little bit more here?