Yes folks, the data highlight of the morning is soon upon us at 09.30 GMT

The services sector readings are key in assessing the UK economy given the large contribution to GDP.

Here are the forecasts:

Given the softer mftg and construction PMI data this week I can't see any positive news coming here but if the bad news is factored in then the risk would be to the upside.

GBPUSD levels to watch are right here at 1.4040-50 then 1.4020 and 1.4000. Should 1.4000 give way then a few short term bulls might be tempted to give up and trigger a run down to 1.3980.

On the topside we have good resistance/sell interest around 1.4100 with more at 1.4120 and into 1.4150

EURGBP is continuing to pull cable around so keep an eye on 0.7690-0.7700 and 0.7750-60 as the break points.