No word yet about Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Kuroda appearing in parliament again today

But on recent form you'd have to expect so. But maybe he'll get Friday off!

Here's whats coming up:

0000GMT - Japan - Labor Cash Earnings for January, expected is +0.4%, while prior was flat at 0.0%.

  • For 'Real Cash Earnings', no survey expectations, prior was -0.2%

No sign of that surge in wages the administration is hoping and pressing for yet.

0030GMT - Australia - Retail Sales for January

  • expected is +0.4% m/m, prior was flat. Compare those to Japan's "Labor Cash Earnings for January" expected and prior .... spooky!
  • Retail Sales should move the needle on the FX. A big surprise from the GDP figures earlier this week was the strength in household consumption. Those were October - December results, of course, but if it carried on into January then retail sales today could be a topside surprise also.
  • On the other side of the argument, NAB released their 'online retail sales' yesterday, which came in slightly lower: down 0.2% in January (vs. up 1.9% in December), while the 'trend' came in a touch weaker also, up 0.6% in January (vs. +0.7% in December)