Canadian election data is slowly coming in

East coast results Canada

The east coast of Canada is generally Fortress Liberal but cracks are appearing for Trudeau's party.

Several ridings that were won by the Liberals in the 2019 election appear to have flipped.

One is Cumberland-Colchester in the province of Nova Scotia. In 2019, the Liberals eked out a win by a margin of 16,672 to 16,219 ahead of the Conservatives.

This time, the incumbent Liberal is trailing 1362 to 1743. Plenty of votes are still to come but the trend is visible well beyond this riding.

In nearby South Shore-St Margarets, Liberal incumbent Bernadette Jordan is trailing 1880 to 2468. She won that riding 21,886 to 14,744 over the same Conservative candidate last time.

Canada doesn't always vote uniformly, so Liberal weakness on the east coast (where fishing rights have been an issue Trudeau fumbled) might not translate to Quebec or Ontario but the Prime Minister can't be feeling good with what he's seeing so far.

Here's a live shot on TV of Conservative leader Erin O'Toole:

O'Toole family