A preview of what's to come in European trading later

Good day, everyone! Hope you're all doing well so far today and for those just joining, a very warm welcome. The dollar is higher following Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran deal overnight, with the yen lagging behind as yields come back into focus once again.

European trading later will be a rather light one, so expect more of the moves today to be about the ebb and flow.

0645 GMT - France March industrial and manufacturing production data

Prior report can be found here. Not a major data point by any means as it is a general sentiment indicator of the French economy. Do note that this is Q1 data, and we've already established that Q1 was a soft patch in the Eurozone so expect a muted impact.

0700 GMT - Spain March industrial production data

Prior report can be found here. A minor data point, one that feeds into overall Eurozone sentiment. Do note that this is Q1 data, so much like the above.

0800 GMT - Italy March retail sales data

Prior release can be found here. Once again, another Q1 data release. Not a significant one by any means.

0900 GMT - EU parliament members hold a briefing in Beijing on trade talks

They will be holding a press conference after talks with China on market access, investment, overcapacity, US tariffs, and intellectual property rights.

1100 GMT - US MBA mortgage applications w.e. 4 May

Weekly US housing data, measures the change in number of applications for mortgages backed by the MBA during the week. Not the biggest of data points, but a general indicator of the housing sector sentiment.

That's all for the European session today. I wish you all the best of days ahead, and as always, good luck with your trading!