Another light day on the data docket

Good day, everyone! Hope you're all doing well as we settle into the new trading week after a decent start yesterday. The yen is the main leader on the day as equities sentiment isn't looking all too good and that will continue to be the main trading theme today with risk off sentiment prevailing thus far.

The calendar day ahead promises little once again but it will pick up as the week goes by so let's see what we have in store for us today.

0600 GMT - Germany September PPI figures

Prior release can be found here. A lagging indicator as it is a proxy for inflationary pressures and we already got CPI readings much earlier in the month already. Low-tier data.

1000 GMT - UK October CBI trends total orders, selling prices

Prior release can be found here. Readings above 0 indicates optimism while below indicates pessimism. The headline is a survey on manufacturers to rate the level of volume for orders expected during the next 3 months. Not a major release by any means.

1030 GMT - BOE chief economist Andy Haldane speaks in Paris

Haldane will be speaking at the launch of the OECD 'New Approaches to Economic Challenges Lab' seminar. The event page has Haldane speaking on "policy experiments" so not too sure what that really covers but I don't expect any fireworks to come from his comments here as the BOE is pretty much in wait-and-see mode on Brexit as well.

That's all for the session ahead but expect the usual headlines i.e. Brexit and Italy to fill the void as well. I wish you all the best of days ahead and as always, good luck with your trading!