The economic calendar for today

2100GMT - New Zealand - Real Estate Institute of New Zealand House Sales for June

2245GMT - New Zealand again - Food Price Index for June (prior +2.4% m/m)
2301GMT - UK data - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) House Price Balance for June,

  • expected 15%, prior 17%
  • (measures the percentage of surveyors reporting a house price increase in their designated area.)

2350GMT - Japan - International Securities Flows for the week

0100GMT - New Zealand - ANZ Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence a monthly measure of consumer confidence across New Zealand households

  • For July
  • prior +3.1% to 127.8 (highest reading since January)

0100GMT - Australia - Consumer inflation expectations for July, prior 3.6%

And, the China data (for June). It should be around 0200GMT, but the timing is flexible. Last month it hit at 0330GMT ....

In yuan terms, China trade balance

  • expected is CNY 275.1bn, prior was CNY 281.60bn

Exports y/y:

  • expected is 14.6%, prior was 15.5%

Imports y/y:

  • expected is 22.3%, prior was 22.1%

USD terms, China trade balance:

  • expected $42.60bn, prior was $40.79bn


  • expected is 8.9%, prior was 8.7%


  • expected is 14.5%, prior was 14.8%