Economic data due from Japan - big day coming up

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

CPI data for March and April is due from Japan today, along with plenty of other data.

First up, at 2330GMT (note the time, 20 minutes earlier than the usual 2350GMT)

  • Overall Household Spending y/y for March, expected is -11.8%, prior was -2.9%
  • Jobless Rate for March, expected is 3.5%, prior was 3.5%
  • Job-To-Applicant Ratio for March, expected is 1.15, prior was 1.15
  • National CPI y/y for March, expected is 2.2%, prior was 2.2%
  • National CPI y/y excluding Fresh Food for March, expected is 2.0%, prior was 2.0%
  • National CPI excluding Food, Energy y/y for March, expected is 2.0%, prior was 2.0%

Note: The Bank of Japan has estimated that the sales tax hike (to 8 percent from 5 percent on April 1 2014)  added 1.7 percentage points to the annual consumer inflation rate in April 2014, and 2.0 points from the following month. So ya gotta subtract 2 from these numbers to get the inflation rate ... This'll be the last time ya gotta do this though, K? The effect rolls off for the April numbers. And, more good news, we get the April figures out of Tokyo, no need to subtract anything from these. Put the HP12C away ....)

  • Tokyo CPI y/y for April , expected is 0.7%, prior was 2.3% (you will need to subtract 2 from the priors)
  • Tokyo CPI excluding Fresh Food y/y for April , expected is 0.5%, prior was 2.2%
  • Tokyo CPI excluding Food, Energy y/y for April , expected is 0.2%, prior was 1.7%

Then, at 2350GMT ...the regular International Transactions in Securities data from Japan's Ministry of Finance. This release for the week ended April 24

  • Japan Buying Foreign Bonds

  • Japan Buying Foreign Stocks

  • Foreign Buying Japan Bonds

  • Foreign Buying Japan Stocks

At 0130GMT:

  • Labor Cash earnings y/y: expected is +0.4% prior was +0.1%

At 0135GMT:

  • Markit/JMMA Manufacturing PMI for April (this is the final, the flash was 49.7 and prior month was 50.3)

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