Bloomberg reports, citing an internal memo from EU member states


The memo states that Germany, France, Italy, and Spain will have sufficient vaccine supplies to immunise at least 57% of their total populations by the end of June - which is somewhat close to "near-virus immunity" within the respective countries.

Just keep in mind that the EU target was to vaccinate 70% of adults by the end of summer and they are very much sticking with it, despite the rather poor rollout initially.

The target projections laid out by the memo show that by the end of June, the respective countries will have vaccinated % of their population:

  • Denmark 79.9%
  • Netherlands 64.6%
  • Germany 61.0%
  • France 58.2%
  • Spain 57.4%
  • Italy 57.1%
  • Croatia 45.3%
  • Bulgaria 45.0%

The likes of Croatia and Bulgaria are the laggards, alongside Slovakia and Austria, but most countries will at least hit around 55-60% of their total population - which may correspond to roughly 70% of adults depending on the demographics.

Just keep this in mind amid all the stories that the EU has messed up in the vaccine rollout with the virus situation also worsening. There was already some good news out of France last week so let's see if that can continue and pick up in the coming weeks.