The European Commission has made suggestions to EU ambassadors over what they would like to see in sanctions.

  • Suggest banning Russian government owned companies, not just banks from borrowing in EU
  • Banning syndicated EU loans to Russian government owned banks and companies
  • Considering shortening minimum maturity of Russian state owned banks debt instruments that cannot be sold in in EU to 30 days from 90
  • Proposed expanding export ban on goods that have both military and civilian use to all Russian importers instead of just military importers
  • Extend ban on selling advanced energy tech

EU diplomats have also popped up saying;

  • New sanctions could be coordinated with G7 countries
  • Some countries proposed adding Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu to list of individuals, including travel ban and freeze of assets
  • Some also proposed barring Russia from cultural, economic and sports events

Hark at the sound of quaking boots in Russia