European equities trail at the opening stages today

  • Eurostoxx -1.0%
  • Germany DAX -1.1%
  • France CAC 40 -1.0%
  • UK FTSE -0.9%
  • Spain IBEX -0.9%

Not the best of starts to the day as virus jitters are still at play here, with major indices also playing a bit of catch up to the losses sustained by US stocks at the end of last week.

For some context, European equities closed last week with decent gains, avoiding the late fall in US indices at the time.

Despite the softer sentiment above, the risk mood is a bit more mixed with a slightly better tilt as US futures are keeping around 0.4% higher currently.

In the currencies space, the dollar and yen are on the back foot but nothing too overwhelming as we get things going on the session.