Bully Bullard with some comments from Dow Jones cited by CNBC

  • US in good shape for Sep hike
  • 25bp rise still leaves rates highly accommodative
  • 25bp rise likely to be a non-event for the economy
  • The outlook remains fairly good for the economy
  • Fed policy remains data dependant
  • Confident inflation will begin rising back to 2.0% and will get there by 2016

I'm trying to find the link to the article so am just picking up the pieces as they come out

If he was an actual voter right now then the comments would be doing a bit more damage. As it is EURUSD has just eased below 1.1000 again

Update: Here's the link finally

There's not much else to add to the comments above only that;

  • I'm not going to put as much weight into the wage data
  • We had to get Q1 behind us before we could get to the first rate rise