Fed member James Bullard speaking on Bloomberg TV

  • There is some possibility that tax reforms could drive up investments
  • Sees growth in the "low 2% range" in 2018
  • Not seeing inflation despite job gains
  • Inflation expectations are low but have moved up a little bit
  • With low inflation, Fed can afford to wait and see
  • Yield curve is flattening as Fed raises rates (no kidding, mate)
  • Not made any progress on inflation in the last 2 years
  • Fed should debate now what a flattening yield curve means, not later in the year when it's even flatter
  • Doesn't see a possibility of a recession now, but have to watch out 2018 plays out with regards of the slope of the yield curve
  • A change in Fed chair would be a good time to re-examine Fed's communication
  • 2% inflation target is important, doesn't want to mess with the target - but maybe put a process in place to review inflation target

That's about it from Bullard. Plenty of topics covered in that short interview, but once again be reminded Bullard is not a voting member in this year's FOMC - so of course he has plenty to say about inflation not moving, then again he is a dove.

Anyway, his final point on reviewing the inflation target should take more merit - just blindly and constantly sticking to 2% may not be the best way for central banks to move forward in the future. It just offers a lack of flexibility - not to mention it acts like a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Dollar still unchanged across the board as markets await the release of the NFP data in an hour.