Forex trading headlines for Asia Friday 2 May 2014

It was an unsurprisingly quiet session in Asia ahead of the nonfarm payroll report due Friday morning (US time). This combined with ‘golden week’ in Japan (though markets were open today), some traders taking long weekend after thursday’s holiday in Singapore and Hong Kong, and China closed again today. Movements across the board were minimal.

The Kiwi chopped within 0.8610/0.8635, the AUD from 0.9260 to 0.9275.

EUR/USD did drift ever so slightly lower, losing about 12 points on the session. USD/CHF and cable put in a similar sort of lacklustre performance.

Even USD/JPY and yen crosses were subdued, with barely a 15-point range for the USD/JPY.

Late in the session saw reports of some military activity in Ukraine (see bullets, above).