Forex trading headlines from the European morning session 13 August



Too many price moves on GBP to do all the detail here but in essence we saw early buying into the jobs/wages data with cable up to 1.6829 prior and EURGBP down around 0.7930 but its been mostly a one-way ticket since then albeit with bounces .Lows so far 1.6698 with EURGBP posting 0.8003 with the pound taken blows all over the body

EURUSD had an early wobble from 1.3370 to 1.3342 but good demand down there ,coupled with EURGBP buying, has seen the pair return to 1.3367

USDJPY benefitted from a firmer Nikkei and we’ve gone from 102.25 to 102.51 but good offers up there still are capping further rallies. USDCHF also had a firmer tone to it earlier but failed at 0.9100 again and has retreated to 0.9078

AUDUSD has looked perky but failed to break above strong offers at 0.9300 while NZDUSD has also nudged its way higher to 0.8447. USDCAD has largely been 1.0920-25 after bids at 1.0910 held an o/n dip

A busy session and one I hope that provided plenty of good opportunity even if it didn’t always suit