Says we are in a very serious situation now

  • case numbers are rising exponentially thanks to the Britsih variant of the virus
  • where cases are above 100/100K/week we must halt opening measures
  • the fewer new infections now the faster vaccinations will have an impact
  • April 1 - 5 will be a period of quiet days of reduced social contacts
  • this will be an extended easter when people should stay at home
  • no more than 5 adults for 2 households can meet at home at once over this time
  • for most of this time only food shops will be open
  • April 1 and 3 will be treated as holidays
  • We advice to refrain from all travel

Merkel speaking after a meeting with state leaders ... announcing some very strict lockdown measures for 5 days April 1 to 5. Gotta say ... why the wait? April 1 is 9 days away!