RKI estimates the virus reproduction rate to be at 1.20 as of yesterday


That brings the total confirmed cases to 182,028 but daily recoveries (~600) are still outpacing the daily virus count for now. This brings the total recoveries to ~166,400 persons.

Meanwhile, the 11 new deaths brings the total on that front to 8,522 persons.

That said, the headline figures on the daily virus and death count are a bit skewed because of the 'weekend effect' (it was a long weekend in Germany in observance of Whit Monday).

The more concerning statistic is the rise in the virus reproduction rate to 1.20 - it was 1.04 in the update yesterday. The 7-day average of the virus reproduction rate has also risen to 0.95, up from 0.90 previously.

It may just be a couple of days for now but if the figure stays above 1.00 for an extended period, it could start to prompt the German government to take added precaution in isolated areas where they feel the virus spread is starting gain traction.

You can check out Germany and other countries' coronavirus data here.