Hammond continues

  • Will fund new measures through tax and spending measures

  • Will create a £23bn national productivity investment fund to spend over next 5 years

  • Investment will be in rail, telecoms and housing

  • Will plan a £2.3bn housing infrastructure program (will add £1.4bn for affordable housing)

  • Will commit £1.1bn in English transport

  • Will implement 100% business rate relief for investment on fibre network

  • Hopes to invest 1-1.2% of GDP on infrastructure from 2020

This is along the infrastructure line he was expected to take.

That's probably more or less it as far as the biggest plans go and now we'll get the smaller stuff and any adjustments to ongoing programs.

  • Will double finance capacity to exporters

  • Will put up £400m into venture capital funds vis the British Business Bank

  • Around £1.5bn to be provided to UK road infrastructure

  • London to get £3.15bn share of affordable housing funding to help deliver 90k homes

  • Will give city mayors local borrowing powers

He's on to the boring waffle now.