The Japan April manufacturing PMI data has apparently leaked early.This is very early indeed, so for now I’m treating it with a grain of salt. Reuters reporting it too, and they are very reliable, though.

Not that the yen gives a rat’s … its barely budging.

  • Japan April manufacturing PMI falls to 49.4 from 53.9 in March
  • Shows contraction for first time in 14 months
  • April PMI output index falls to 46.2 (from 54.2)
  • Japan April PMI new export orders index falls to 49.1 (from 52.3 in March)

The numbers are out 2 hours before scheduled. Maybe they are trying to get the bad (TERRIBLE) data out when no one will notice?


A graph of past results (doesn’t include today’s release):

Japan PMI 30 April 2014