BoP Current Account Balance for March: ¥ 116.4Bn

  • expected ¥ 347.7B, prior ¥ 612.7B

Comes in at an (unadjusted) surplus of Y 116.4bn

Adjusted BoP Current Account for March: ¥ -782.9Bn

  • expected ¥ -545.8B, prior ¥ -41.4B

Trade Balance BoP Basis March: ¥ -1133.6Bn

  • expected ¥ -1125.4B, prior ¥ -533.4B

Bank Lending excluding trusts April, +2.2% y/y

  • prior 2.3%

Bank Lending including trusts April, +2.1% y/y

  • prior 2.1%


Yen says … “Zzzzzzz …” (though, to be fair, so does everything else so far today)

Added – Bloomberg report:

  • Japan’s current-account surplus narrowed more than forecast in March as a surge in imports before last month’s sales-tax increase trimmed gains from overseas investments.

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