Livesquawk reports

Our friends at Livesquawk are reporting that Nikkei news is reporting that 80% of Japan business leaders are saying the economy has reached a plateau.

As reported in the article:

This is 0.1 percentage point higher than in June, when the last business survey was taken, and marks a hefty 26.5 point increase over December 2015. Of those claiming flat growth, 82.8% laid responsibility at the feet of stagnant personal consumption, while 53.4% blamed the strengthening yen and 16.4% pointed to sluggish growth in emerging economies such as China.

The article elaborates:

The government should lay out a "specific road map for social security reform" to help ease citizens' worries about the future, a root cause of the lull in consumption, said a respondent at a large resource company.

An other said

Reducing dependence on exports... has become a pressing task as the yen has appreciated this year.

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