Not a whole lot of new news, but some interesting items nonetheless.

From late yesterday: BOJ Cuts 8 of 9 Regions’ Economic Views (WSJ article, but this is a non-gated reprint)

The Bank of Japan downgraded its assessment of local economies in eight out of its nine regions in January, likely fueling expectations that the central bank will take fresh easing action at next week’s policy-setting meeting.

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Also: BOJ cuts economic assessment of 8 of Japan’s 9 regions

The supplementary budget is scheduled to go to parliament on January 31: Extra budget for stimulus OK’d, second-largest ever

Relations with China:

The number of Chinese visitors to Japan plunged since Japan-China tensions heightened in September … The number plummeted 50.7 pct year on year to 42,864 in October, 52.5 pct to 36,827 in November and 43.5 pct to 37,758 in December

Chinese Visitors to Japan Plunges since Autumn but Up in Whole 2012

There is some action to narrow the rift: Former Japanese prime minister begins four-day visit to China, hopes to meet with leaders