US factory orders and durable goods revisions data report for June 2015

  • Prior -1.0%. Revised to -1.1%
  • Ex-transport 0.5% vs 0.1% prior. Revised to -0.1%
  • Inventories 0.6% vs 0.1% prior
  • Inventory sales ratio 1.35 unch

Durable goods revisions

  • Goods 3.4% vs 3.4% prior
  • Ex-def 3.6% vs 3.8% prior
  • Ex-transport 0.6% vs 0.8% prior
  • Non def cap goods orders ex-air 0.7% vs 0.9% prior

A smart turnaround from factory orders. Bang on expectations so no shock to the market. The durable goods revisions don't hold any surprises either. the non def cap goods number is revised lower so that takes some positivity out of the report but it's only slight.

Transport equipment helped the orders grow as they rose 9.3%. That was mainly on the aircraft side but orders rose for other machinery and electrical equipment

Inventories were up a bit too and that will need watching for signs of a larger build, which could show a crimping of sales activity


US factory orders