White House National Security Advisor John Bolton working two jobs

The White House national security advisor John Bolton visited the UK yesterday and discussed many things including future trading relations. Apparently, he is now working two jobs with trade representative becoming more of focus.

Anyway, the White House is saying:

  • Bolton and British trade secretary Liz Truss discuss possibility of Trump and Johnson signing a roadmap declaration toward eight trade deal at G7 summit
  • UK-US roadmap declaration would be signal of renewed cooperation and US determination to support written through the Brexit process
  • Bolton and British finance minister Javid discuss possibility of a temporary trade agreement that covered everything
  • US and Britain discussing a partial trade agreement that could take effect on November 1

Needless to say, Boris Johnson is Trumps kind of person.

He was better friends with France's Macron but that relationship is soured. Germany's Merkel is lame duck and he never cared for her. With Boltons comment yesterday that Trump supports a Brexit deal or no-deal, and the willingness to fast track a trade agreement, suggests the UK and US seem to be setting up a tag team against the EU.