On Friday I posted on the plans to cut Japan's corporate tax rate to below 30% as soon as next year, here:

Mike followed up with more on this over the weekend (and more again from the weekend)

More detail from the Nikkei now:

  • Japan's government is working on a plan that would lower the effective corporate tax rate from the current 32.11% to under 30% next fiscal year
  • Initially, the plan was to lower the effective corporate tax rate to less than 31% next fiscal year, with the roughly 600 billion yen ($4.8 billion) in necessary financial resources already secured
  • The additional 400 billion yen or so needed to bring the rate below 30% will be obtained by raising the tax on scale... and another 200 billion yen or so ... will be secured by reviewing various tax breaks

Nikkei piece is here



  • The effective corporate rate was 37% in fiscal 2013
  • it has since been lowered by 5%