Reuters reporting 15 May

  • Macron's Secretary General to make announcement on new PM at 14.30 CET

No further detail at this time. We knew the announcement was coming today. Now we know when. Macron will then fly to meet Angela Merkel so expect plenty of gushing pro-EU rhetoric but they have their differences.

Yesterday I reported on Macron's inauguration as President, and who might be in the frame for the PM job including current IMF MD Christine Lagarde but Edouard Philippe a 46-year old conservative is also very much in the mix and that might tell us more about the tone of Macron's govt policy/direction.

What do our readers in France think?

Either way Macron still has the not inconsiderable task of securing enough of the 577 parliamentary seats to govern fully.

EURUSD currently 1.0965 but with large option expiries at 1.0950 casting a shadow still.

Could Lagarde be about to be announced as next French PM ?