PBOC governor Zhou comments on the wires 11 Dec 2017

  • Will be more directed in macro controls as well

Zhou, 69, is expected to retire soon. He has also warned aplenty over the last month that there are financial risks surrounding China's economy.

He commented previously that China needs to be aware of systemic financial risks and argued that deepened reform as well as the need to open up the financial sector being key measures to control the risks associated.

China's financial sector is and will be in a period with high risks that are easily triggered. Under pressure from multiple factors at home and abroad, the risks are multiple, broad, hidden, complex, sudden, contagious, and hazardous. The structural unbalance is salient; law-breaking and disorders are rampant; latent risks are accumulating; [and the financial system's] vulnerability is obviously increasing. [China] should prevent both the "black swan" events and the "gray rhino" risks.

You can read more on his comments here.