The market is driving me crazy. I’ve been sucked into the summer lull and I’m staring at the screens looking for inspiration.

As I can’t pay the mortgage with excuses it may be time to adjust strategy and look at the shorter time frames.

I’ve got my various short term trading ranges in my head for several pairs.

GBP/USD 1.50/1.51- 1.54/1.55

EUR/USD 1.29-1.34

AUD/USD 0.90-0.93

USD/JPY 98-100.50/101

Given the recent movements there may be quite a wait between some of the levels (although a short order missed just now at 100.46 and we’re close to some of my upper ranges). I don’t usually look at time frames less than the four hourly but may come down to the H1 and 30 mins to see if there are decent opportunities.

I’m quite a big mood trader, as I said first, I get sucked into the mood of the market and sometimes you need to give yourself a kick up the arse to pull yourself out

So, are any you feeling the same way and if so how do you pull yourself around?

Thoughts welcome as always.