Putin & Trump Q&A


  • Allegations against Russian firms are falling apart in court

  • Doesn't know anything about alleged 12 agents

  • Show me a single fact about meddling in US election

  • Mueller can send official request to prosecute under bilateral treaty and we will question them

  • Says he wanted Trump to win 2016 election because Trump wanted better ties with Russia

  • Companies that are in Russia don't represent the Russian state

  • I believe Russia is a democratic state. If the US is a democratic state, then the final conclusion of this case can only be reached by the court, not the executive or law enforcement

  • I didn't know that Trump was in Moscow as a guest

  • Hundreds of US business leaders visit US every year, do you think we try to collect compromising material on all of them?


  • Our militaries do get along very well
  • I think it's a disgrace that we can't get Hilary Clinton's emails
  • Both sides are believable on US intel and Putin's side
  • Putin's offer to help with the investigation is incredible
  • Trump's position on Crimea is well known
  • If there was compromising material, it would have been out long ago