Number 3, the single currency


A bit of a mess

EURUSD 15m chart

Intraday, the 15m chart is a complete mess. There's resistance at 1.0875, 1.0880, 1.0885 and 1.0890, and that's all before we get to 1.0900. 1.0845 and 1.0835 are support. That's just developments from today/yesterday so I don't see them as very strong levels (except for 1.0835 see below)

Further out we' have some better numbers to concentrate on

EURUSD H4 chart

  • 1.0920, 1.0940 (100dma), 1.0965 (55dma), 1.0970/85 are the main points above.
  • 1.0835 is the 61.8 fib of the Dec low move higher. That might be a line in the sand for some longs sub 1.08 but 1.0820/25/30 is an old S&R area, as is 1.0800. Unless we get some big news I'd be surprised to see that break over the next few sessions. If we do, there's not a lot in the way until 1.0700/10, though we might see minor support around 1.0760/70