The South Korean Manufacturing PMI came in at 47.37 (prior was 45.71).

This was the fifth consecutive month of contraction in Sth Korea’s manufacturing sector, prior releases were at:

  • 51.03 on June 1,
  • 49.38 on July 2,
  • 47.20 on Aug 1,
  • 47.5 on Sep 3,
  • and 45.71 on Oct 2.

This doesn’t look like a promising trend does it? (on the other hand, maybe it has bottomed – taking an optimistic view.)

The Trade Balance figure showed $3.8B vs. $3.1B prior.

While exports registered a 1.2% increase on the year, imports registered a 1.5% increase. This is a potentially positive sign for strength in the Korean domestic economy.