Latest SECO forecasts now out ahead of the SNB decision at 07.30 GMT

  • 2016 growth +1.5% vs +1.6% prev forecast
  • 2015 growth +0.9% up from +0.8% prev
  • 2015 inflation -1.1% vs -1.0% prev
  • 2016 inflation +0.1% vs +0.3%
  • anticipates economy will remain very subdued in H2 but is likely to strengthen in 2016
  • key pre-requisite for economic improvement is that global economy remains on upward course and in particular that the Eurozone is able to continue recovery

That's a big "If" in these uncertain times

For an SNB preview posted by Adam click here

For what it's worth I don't think they will act today and may be hoping that a Fed hike will help send USDCHF higher. I do expect them to talk aggressively though and give signals that they are ready to act at any time

USDCHF currently 0.9705 EURCHF 1.0958