Going right down to the wire perhaps?

May Brexit

If you're looking for the Brexit fog to slowly dissipate over the next two weeks, then you might just have to wait a little longer. Recent commentary is emerging that the European Union are looking to help Theresa May drag out Brexit talks until 21 March (the date of the next European Council meeting), when both sides will stitch together a last minute compromise on the backstop to try and secure a deal.

The suggestion here is that the European Union will look to offer more give on the backstop terms but those offers will still fall short of an actual time limit. It is believed that said additions will center more on the notion that the European Union would have no intention for using the backstop for long and would have to work hard to ever justify pursuing such course of action.

Yet again, this wouldn't amount to binding legal assurances but they are merely political commitments designed to offer some leeway in the current Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Other suggestions pertaining to this includes a stipulation to reexamine the usefulness of the backstop at set periods after it has been triggered and also acknowledgement of possible emergence of technological alternatives to the backstop.

That said, it remains to be seen if it will be enough to win over UK parliament members but this is the limit in which the European Union will be willing to go to.

You can read the full commentary by The Sun's Brussels correspondent, Nick Gutteridge, here. The view is also shared by The Telegraph's Brussels corespondent, James Crisp, and also matches with what BBC's political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, has heard from Brussels and Westminster since last week.