The top 10 predictions for bitcoin in 2014!

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

I saw this headline and thought the article would be interesting. It is, a bit (sry…).

1. More than $100M of venture capital will flow into Bitcoin start-ups.

2. Mining ‘will not’ be dead

3. There will be less than 5 alt-coins (out of the 50+ in existence) that will survive 2014

4. Bitcoin community will solve problems including that of ‘anonymity’

5. US, China and other global forces will not be at the forefront of Bitcoin adoption

6. Indian ecosystem will be slow to evolve; limited to speculators and mining pools

7. The use of Bitcoin will evolve beyond ‘store of value’ or ‘transactions’

8. The ‘browser’ of Bitcoin will come this year

9. The price of Bitcoin is likely to range between $4000-5000 by the end of 2014

10. Last but not the least – Satoshi Nakamoto will be Time’s Person of the Year 2014.

More details at the link, above.

I’ll add my own prediction – we will see a LOT more of this – an ad for a Bitcoin trader at a hedge fund.

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