Stephen Phillips resigns

Over "irreconcilable policy differences" with Theresa May's government

Coming from ITV

Phillips was a 'leaver' but has not been happy about how the Brexit plan has been going so far and has been very vocal of it in the press. He has been a supporter of Parliament having a say in triggering article 50.

"Not giving parliament the chance, before article 50 is invoked, to say where it thinks these negotiations should end up is, at its core, undemocratic, unconstitutional and likely to exacerbate the divisions in our society to which the referendum gave rise. It also ignores the views of nearly half the people who voted in the referendum, who were perfectly content with our place in the EU. "

As he backed a Parliamentary vote, we can assume that these "differences" correspond to the governments wish to appeal the court decision from yesterday.

I warned yesterday that things will get messier and this is probably just the start of things to come.

Theresa May's spokesman is just out too saying that she is confident of winning the appeal on art50. She's been on the ring around too and has/is speaking to Hollande, Merkel, Juncker and Tusk, though it's uncertain what language she used ;-)