Sky News reports on the matter


The report says that lawmakers in the Conservative Party are pushing to introduce new rules to protect the next prime minister from a confidence vote a year after they are confirmed for the post. The move is said to be pushed by members of the 1922 committee.

However, the decision itself is said to have triggered outrage amongst some Tory lawmakers, who are calling it "divisive and unfair". The discussion is said to be ongoing and I personally highly doubt they'd be able to gather enough support for a change.

For some context, this is the same kind of in-party leadership/confidence vote that May survived at the end of last year - meaning that she could not be challenged for a year at least - but Tory lawmakers eventually wanted to oust her anyway (even threatening with a rule change such as this).

Regardless, one thing's for sure that when either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt takes over, Jeremy Corbyn will immediately call for a no-confidence vote in the government again - similar to the one in January.