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Good day, everyone! Hope you're all doing well as we get things going here on the session. It's been a bit of an active one to start the day with modest moves all around, led mostly by slight dollar weakness across the board.

WCRS 18-07

The aussie is holding firm after the labour market report earlier while the likes of the yen and franc are also bid amid ongoing concerns about US-China trade and the slowing global economy, reflected in the fall in equities to start the session.

All that being said, I'm still looking at bonds to gauge market reaction and Treasuries are still in a calmer mood so that isn't really convincing me that we're seeing a material shift in risk sentiment just yet.

In my view, the major focus for markets remain on central banks (with majority of the focus being on the Fed) and trade developments but the former is holding all the cards right now. I reckon things are more choppy than they are clear but there are some decent opportunities to pursue in the mean time ahead of the FOMC meeting on 31 July.

The kiwi and pound are the only notable movers so far this week so if you're looking for decent momentum trades, those are the two that could potentially offer something up for grabs in the coming sessions.

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