Economic plan well be deficit neutral


  • National goal should be 4% economic growth
  • Will cut business tax rate to 15% from 35%
  • Will allow business to write off the cost of new factories
  • Earnings from overseas will be taxed at 10% vs 35%
  • Will cut regulations. Moratorium on new federal regulation.
  • All income groups will receive a tax cut
  • No TTP even if passed in lame duck session
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare
  • Will slash trade deficit
  • Will identify every trade abuse and put an end to it
  • Will renegotiate NAFTA or terminate it until a brand new deal can be signed.
  • Will bring trade cases against China

How did the S&P react?

There was a waffle up and down but little in the way of a directional bias.