US DATA: Aug employment report was mixed, with payrolls +96k but unemply
rate -0.2 to 8.1% (labor force and participation dipped). AHE -1c to +1%
YOY and hours rose. Jun-Jul payrolls rev -41k on net. Aug payroll
composition: mfg -15k (auto -7.5k, fewer recalls after fewer layoffs
than usual), construction +1k, retail +6.1k, temp -4.9k, healthcare
+21.7k, govt -7k (state & local continued drop), utilities +8.8k as
strike settled. Bottom line: not a bad report but no ball of fire.
Details: Payrolls/Prior Pv AHE,yoy Agg Hrs Civ Unempl Rt/Unrnd
Aug +96k —- +1.012% 103.6 8.1% (8.1115%)
Jul +141k +163k —– 103.5 8.3% (8.2535%)
Jun +45k +64k —– 103.4 8.2% (8.2165%)